सूरदास परिचय

सूरदास का नाम कृष्ण-भक्ति की अजस्र धारा को प्रवाहित करने वाले भक्त कवियों में अग्रणी है।
Surdas was a Hindu poet, sant and musician of India.

सूरदास परिचय

सूरदास का नाम कृष्ण-भक्ति की अजस्र धारा को प्रवाहित करने वाले भक्त कवियों मेंअग्रणी है। सूरदास का जन्म १४७८ ईस्वी में मथुरा आगरा मार्ग के किनारे स्थित रुनकता नामक गांव में हुआ। सूरदास के पिता रामदास महान गायक थे। सूरदास के जन्मांध थे परंतु, इस विषय में मतभेद है। सूरदास की भेंट श्री वल्लभाचार्य से आगरा के समीप गऊघाट पर हुई और वे उनके शिष्य बन गए। गुरू वल्लभाचार्य ने सूरदास को पुष्टिमार्ग में दीक्षित कर के कृष्णलीला के पद गा कर लोगोंको सुनानेका का आदेश दिया। । सूरदास की मृत्यु पारसौली ग्राम में १५८० ईस्वी में हुई।

सूरदास ने सूर के नाम से कई रचनाएं लिखी परंतु उन की प्रामाणिक रचनाएं तीन मानी जाती हैं -




Surdas was a Hindu poet, sant and musician of India. He is said to have been blind from birth. He is traditionally believed to have lived from 1483 to 1573, and to have lived in Vrindavan, near Mathura.In the eighteenth year of his life, Surdas went to Gau Ghat, a sacred bathing spot on the embankments of Yamuna River. It was here that he came across Shri Vallabharacharya, the great saint, and is believed to have composed one hundred thousand verses; the Lord Krishna is said to have completed the composition of another twenty-five thousand in his name.He is known for his "Sur Sagar" Surdas' poetry was in the language of Brij Bhasha. This philosophy is based upon the spiritual metaphor of the Radha-Krishna Lil

Bhakti works of Surdas
There are many compositions of Sordas but, mainly consists of the following three .

Sur-Saravali - Sur-Saravali, based on the festival of Holi, originally consisted of hundred verses. In this poem, he tried to create a theory of Genesis, with Lord Krishna as the Creator.

Sahitya-Lahiri - Sahitya-Lahiri is mainly associated with Bhakti (devotion) towards the Supreme Lord.

Sur-Sagar - Sur-Sagar is considered to be the magnum opus of Surdas. The poem has been woven around the life of Lord Krishna. It originally contained 100,000 poems or songs, out of which only 8000 have survived the travails of time.

Translation - भाषांतर

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