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ŚIKHAṆḌINĪ (II) - शिखण्डिनी, śikhaṇḍinī

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Wife of Antardhāna born in the dynasty of emperor Pṛthu. The emperor had two sons called Antardhāna and Vādī. To Antardhāna was born of Śikhaṇḍinī a son called Havirdhāna, who married Dhiṣaṇā born in the dynasty of Agni, and the couple had six sons called Prācīnabarhis, Śukra, Gaya, Kṛṣṇa, Vraja and Ajina. [Viṣṇu Purāṇa, Chapter 14, Part 1].
शिखण्डिनी [śikhaṇḍinī]   1 A pea-hen; बर्हाणामपरशिखण्डिनीं भरेण । आलोक्य व्यवदधतं पुरो मयूरम् ॥ [Śi. 8.11.]
A kind of jasmine.
 N. N. of the daughter of Drupada; see शिखण्डिन् above.

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