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अप  n. ind. (as a prefix to nouns and verbs, expresses) away, off, back (opposed to उ॑प, अ॑नु, सम्, प्र)
उद्   down (opposed to ).
अ   When prefixed to nouns, it may sometimes = the neg. particle e.g.अप-भी, fearless; or may express deterioration, inferiority, &c. (cf.अप-पाठ).
(As a separable particle or adverb in Ved., with abl.) away from, on the outside of, without, with the exception of
अप   [cf.Gk.ἀπό; Lat.ab; Goth.af; Eng.of].

अप [apa]   ind. [न पाति रक्षति पतनात् पा-ड [Tv.]]
(As a prefix to verbs it means) (a) Away, away from, denoting वियोग; अपयाति, अपनयति; (b) deterioration (विकृति); अपकरोति does wrongly or badly; (c) opposition, negation, contradiction (विपरीत); अपकर्षति, अपचिनोति; (d) direction or mention or illustration (निदर्शन); अपदिशति; (e) exclusion (वर्जन); अपवह्, अपसृ Caus. (f) joy, merriment or laughter (आनन्द); अपहसति; (g) concealment or denial (चौर्य); अपलपति, अपवदते.
As first member of Tat. or Bahuvrīhi comp. it has all the above senses; अपयानम्, अपकर्म, अपपाठः; अपशब्दः a bad or corrupt word; ˚भी fearless; ˚कल्मष stainless; अपरागः discontent (opp. to अनुराग); ˚मेघोदयं वर्षम् [Ku.6.54] &c. In most cases अप may be translated by 'bad', 'inferior', 'corrupt', 'wrong', 'unworthy', &c. It also means 'going downwards' as in अपानः.
As a separable preposition (with a noun in the abl.) (a) away from; यत्संप्रत्यप लोकेभ्यो लङ्कायां वसतिर्भयात् Rām; (b) without, on the outside of; अप हरेः संसारः Sk.; (c) with the exception of, excepting; अप त्रिगर्तेभ्यो वृष्टो देवः Sk. on the outside of, with the exception of. In these senses अप may form adverbial compounds also (P.II.1.12); ˚विष्णु संसारः Sk. without Viṣṇu; ˚त्रिगर्तं वृष्टो देवः excepting त्रिगर्त &c. It also implies negation, contradiction &c.; ˚कामम्, ˚शङ्कम्. The senses of this word as given by G. M. may be thus put in verse; वर्जने विकृतौ चौर्ये विपरीतवियोगयोः । अपकृष्टे च निर्देशे हर्षे चापः प्रयुज्यते. [cf. L. ab; Gr. apo; Goth. af. Eng. of or off; Zend apa].

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
अप   ind. A particle and preposition implying.
1. Inferiority, (below, worse.)
2. Privation, (from.)
3. Separation, (away, from.)
4. Con- trariety, (against, opposite to.)
5. Difference, (from.)
6. Dis- honesty.
7. Exultation: as अपकृष्टुं to revile, अपहर्त्तुं to take away, अपकर्त्तुं to do wrong, अपवक्तुं to contradict, अपकीर्त्ति infamy, &c.
E. neg. and from पा to preserve.
See also: - - पा

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 

 न. पाणी . [ सं . अप ]
अ.  एक उपपद किंवा शब्दयोगी अव्यय . याचे अर्थ - १ कमीपणा ; हीनता . उ० अपशब्द , अपपाठ , अपकीर्ति . २ अभाव . उ० अपयश , अपमान . ३ वियोग , उ० अपभय , अपकरुण . ४ विरोध . उ० अपसव्य . [ सं . ]
 न. पाणी ; आप . [ सं . ]

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
ind   A particle and preposition, implying inferiority; separation; contrariety.

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