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उन्नयन - unnayana

 न. वर नेणें ; उचलणें ; दूर नेणें ; लांबविणें . [ सं . उद + नी ]
unnayana n S Taking up or away; raising, uplifting, removing.
उन्नयन [unnayana] a.  a. With the eyes raised upwards; पुरुहूतध्वज- स्येव तस्योन्नयनपङ्क्तयः [R.4.3.]
नम् Raising, elevating, lifting up.
Drawing up water.
The vessel out of which a fluid is taken.
Leading away, extracting.
Making straight, smoothing; सीमन्त˚.
Deliberation, discussion.
inference; श्रवणादनु पश्चादीक्षा अन्वीक्षा उन्नयनम्.
उन्-नयन  mfn. 1. (उद्-न°; for 2. See col.2) mfn. having upraised eyes.
See also: उन् - नयन

उन्-नयन  n. 2.n. (for 1. See s.v.col.1) the act of raising, elevating, lifting, up, [BhP.]
See also: उन् - नयन

taking out of, drawing out (a fluid), KātyŚr.
the vessel out of which a fluid is taken, KātyŚr.
सीमन्तोन्नयन   making a straight line, or parting the hair (of a pregnant woman) upwards (See )
conclusion, induction, inference.

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