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A Sanskrit English Dictionary | sa  en |   | 
कर्कट  m. m. a crab, [Suśr.]; [Pañcat.] &c.
the sign Cancer, [VarBṛS.]; [VarBṛ.] &c.
a particular bird, [L.]
N. of several plants
the fibrous root of a plant, [L.]
the curved end of the beam of a balance (to which the strings supporting the scale are attached), Mit.
a pair of compasses in a particular position
a particular position of the hands
a kind of fever, [Bhpr.]
a kind of coitus, [L.]

कर्कटः [karkaṭḥ]   1 A crab.
Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac.
A kind of crane.
The fibrous root of a lotus.
A thorn.
The curved end of the beam of a balance.
A kind of coitus (रतिबन्ध).
The radius of a circle.
Compass, circuit.
A kind of pin or wedge.
टी A female crab.
A kind of cucumber.
The curved end of a balance.
A small water-pot.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
कर्कट  m.  (-टः)
1. A crab.
2. The sign of the zodiac, (Cancer.)
3. A kind of bird, the numidian crane.
4. A long gourd: see तुम्बी.
5. The fibrous root of the lotus.
6. The curved end of the beam of a balance, to which the strings supporting the scale are attached. 7. A compass.
8. The radius of a circle.
 f.  (-टा) A plant, common- ly Kurkavali, (Momordica mixta.)
 f.  (-टी)
1. A kind of cucumber, (Cucumis utilatissimus, Rox.)
2. The fruit of the silk cotton tree.
3. A snake.
4. A water jar.
E. कर्क a Sautra root, to laugh or smile, and अटन् affix, fem. affix टाप् or ङीष्.

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
कर्काटक n कर्कोटक n A pair of compasses. 2 A crab.

पुन . १ ( गणित ) त्रिज्या . २ वर्तुल काढण्याचें साधन ; कंपास . ३ कर्क पहा .

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