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दुरगुसला or दुरगूस

duragusalā or duragūsa m Wild jumping about; romping, capering. v घाल.

Related Words

दुरगुसला or दुरगूस   दुरगूस   दुरगुसला   or gate   identification (of plant or parts)   wholly or partly   act or omission   all or none law   disulphur (dithiol) linkage or bridge   II or   or   OR circuit   autonomy (of characters or factors)   incised or entrenched meander   on or about......   pacific series province or duite   vhf or VHF   vlf or VLF   wholly or in part   with or without   अक्रुसणें or अक्रसणें   अंधाधुंद or ध   असोशी or सी   आंदुळणें or आंदोळणें   आळशी or सी   उल्लाळणें or उल्हाळणें   उळकंबणें or उळकुंबणें   एढवळ or एढोळ   ओरखडणें or ओरखाडणें   केंबळ or केमळ   केंबळा or केमळा   काचणें or कांचणें   खुंटणें or खुटणें   खडकाळ or ळी   खरंगणें or खरगणें   खाकर or खांकर   खालसा or खालिसा   खोचार or ड   गडगंज or च   गडत or द   गाहळणें or गाहाळणें   घामघूम or घामाघूम   चुप्प or चुपचाप   चाचणी or चांचणी   चिरचिर or रां   चौसारणी or चौसरणी   जाणसळ or जाणसाळ   झुगर or झुगार   झांकणें or झाकणें   झांकळणें or झांकाळणें   accommodation bill or note   Accounts of any perticular class or character   Acting Manager or Agent   act or omission   acts done or purposed to be done   Actual trend of revenue or expenditure   Agar or Agar agar   all-or-none   all or none effect   all or none law   anticipated or estimated expenditure   Anticipation of a supplementary grant or appropriation   appear in person or by pleader   applications for situations in the gift of local or controlling authorities   Attestation or entries in the cash book   at the foot or end of   autonomy (of characters or factors)   basaltic crystal layer or shell   binding receipt or slip   block or ore   blown or eolian sands   book or original entry   by fraud or force   by or against   by over or through   Cashier in charge of cash in Pay Office or Branch   Compressed, liquified or solidified gases   conjugated fractre or vein   consider the norm or norms   Co-operative and/or Marketing Sub-Committee   Co-ordination and/or Organisation Sub-Committee   corrosion rim or border   course of instruction or training   Day to day increase or decrease   Debts not yet collected or paid   defamatory suit or case   defect or irregularity not to vitiate proceedings   delivery book or form   destitute or necessitous circumstances   Details of travelling allowance refunded or advance adjusted   Diplomatic or Consular Representative of India   directly or indirectly   distinguishing number or letter   disulphur (dithiol) linkage or bridge   error or principle   exchange intervention (or pegging)   exclusive 'or'   exercise a profession or calling   exercise or enjoyment of right   Expenditure is in pursuance of recognised policy or custom   
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