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A Purán̤ or sacred and poetical work. There are eighteen. They comprise the whole body of Hindú theology. Each should treat of five topics especially; the creation, the destruction, and the renovation of worlds, the genealogy of gods and heroes, the reigns of the Manus, and the transactions of their descendants. They are called ब्रह्म, पद्म, विष्णु, शिव, लिंग, गरुड, नारद, भागवत, अग्नि, स्कंद, भविष्य, ब्रह्मवैवर्त्त, मार्कंडेय, वामन, वाराह, मत्स्य, कूर्म. पु0 सोडणें-लावणें-मांडणें-काढणें-चालविणें To begin a long and tiresome story. पुराणांतलीं वांगीं पुराणांत राहिलीं Said when a person does not observe his own prescriptions,--of one mighty in talk, slack and lagging in act.
purāṇa a S pop. पुराणा a Old or ancient.
n.  काठकसंहिता में निर्दिष्ट एक ऋषि का नाम [का.सं.३९.७]
  Old or ancient.
  A Pura'n or sacred and poetical work. पु० सोडणें-लावणें To begin a long and tiresome story.
पुराणांतली वांगी पुराणांत राहिलीं   Said of one mighty in talk, slack in act.
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