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पृषत्  mfn. mf(अती)n. spotted, speckled, piebald, variegated, [AV.]; [VS.]; [Br.]; [GṛŚrS.]
sprinkling, [W.]
पृषत्  m. m. the spotted antelope, [R.] (cf.g.व्याघ्रा-दि, where, [Kāś.]पृषत)
पृषत्  m. m. a drop of water (only pl.; °ताम् पतिm. ‘lord of the drops of ’, the wind), [Śiś. vi, 55]
पृषत्  n. n. a drop of water or any other liquid, [Hariv.]; [BhP.]

पृषत् [pṛṣat]   a.
Spotted, variegated.
Sprinkling -m. The spotted antelope; 'पृषन्मृगे पुमान् बिन्दौ न द्वयोः पृषतोऽपि ना' इति कोशः; [Viś. Guṇa.192.] -n.
A drop of water or of any other liquid; (said by some to be used only in pl.).
Comp. अंशः अश्वः wind, air; पृषदश्वो धनेशश्च महेशश्च दिगीश्वराः [Śiva.B.6.44.]
an epithet of Śiva.
-आज्यम्   ghee mixed with coagulated milk; संभृतं पृषदाज्यम् [Rv.1.9.8.]
-पतिः (-पृषतांपतिः)   wind.-बलः N. of the horse of Wind.

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पृषत्  mfn.  (-षन्-षन्ती-षत्) Sprinkling. n. sing. (-षत्) du. (-षती) plu. (-षन्ति) A drop of water or any liquid.
 mf.  (-षन्-षती) The porcine deer.
E. पृष् to sprinkle, Unādi aff. अति, or participial aff. शतृ; also पृषत् and पृषन्ति .

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