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भाजन  n. n. (fr.Caus.) sharing, division (in arithm.), [Col.]
भाजन  mfn. mf()n. (ifc.) sharing or participating in, entitled or relating or belonging to, [Br.] &c. &c.
भाजन  n. n. ‘partaker of’, a recipient, receptacle, (esp.) a vessel, pot, plate, cup, &c., [MBh.]; [Kāv.] &c.
भाजन  f. n. (with gen. or ifc. with f(). ), a place or person in which anything is collected or in whom any quality is conspicuous, any fit object or clever or deserving person, ib. (cf.पात्र)
भाजन  n. n. the act of representing, representation (°नेनind. with gen. in the place of; ifc. a representative, deputy, substitute, serving for, equivalent to), [Br.]; [GṛS.]
भाजन  n. n. a partic. measure (= an आढक= 14 पलs), [ŚārṅgS.]
भाजन  m. m.N. of a man
भाजन  m. m. pl. his descendants g.बिदा-दि.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
भाजन  n.  (-नं)
1. Any vessel, as a pot or cup, a plate, &c.
2. A clever, capable or fit person.
3. Sharing, dividing.
4. (In arithmetic,) Division.
5. Representation.
6. A measure equal to sixty-four Palas.
E. भज् to serve or share, aff. ल्युट् .

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
bhājana n S A vessel or dish in general; a cup, plate, pot &c. 2 fig. A receptacle or recipient; as मानभाजन, सुखभाजन, दुःखभाजन, निंदाभाजन, स्तुतिभाजन, दयाभाजन. 3 In arithmetic. Division.

( सामा . ) पात्र ; भांडें . तैं देश काळ भाजन । द्रव्यही मिळे । - ज्ञा १७ . २७० .
( ल . ) स्थान ; आधार ; गृह . उदा० मान - सुख - स्तुति - भाजन . कैकयी असत्याचें भाजन । - रावि १० . ६१ .
भागणें ; भागाकार . [ सं . ]

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
  A vessel. Fig. a receptacle. Division.

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