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भाण्ड  m. m. (√ भण्ड्?) Thespesia Populneoides (= गर्दभा-ण्ड), [L.]
भाण्ड  f. n. (ifc.f(). ) any vessel, pot, dish, pail, vat, box, case, [Mn.]; [MBh.] &c.
any implement, tool, instrument, ib.
horse-trappings, harness, [MBh.]; [R.]
any ornament, ib.
-वादन   a musical instrument (cf.)
See also: वादन
भाण्ड  m. n. goods, wares, merchandise (also m.pl.), [Mn.]; [Yājñ.]; [MBh.] &c.
भाण्ड  n. n. capital, [Kathās.]
treasure, [L.]
the bed of a river, [L.]
भण्ड   (fr.) mimicry, buffoonery, [L.] (cf.पुत्र- and भ्रातृ-भ्°).

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भाण्ड  n.  (-ण्डं)
1. Any vessel, a pot, a cup, a plate, &c.
2. Any musi- cal instrument.
3. Any implement or utensil.
4. Capital, principal, 5. An ornament in general.
6. An ornament round a horse's neck and breast.
7. The bed of a river, the space between its banks.
8. Mimickry, buffoonery, the practice of the Bhānda or professional jester.
9. A box, a case, &c.
10. A tool.
11. The stock of a shop- keeper, (hence any valued posses sion.)
 m.  (-ण्डः) A tree, (Hibiscus propulneoides.) m. plu. Mercandise.
E. भदि to be auspicious, aff. अच्; or भण् to sound, aff. ड, deriv. irr.; or भण्ड a jester and अण् aff.

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