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यमल - yamala

See also:  YAMA , यम

  A pair, a couple.
  Twin, one of twins.
 न. जुळेभाऊ ; जोड . करुनि करिति रजांहीं लिंपोनि स्वस्वरुपहानि यम । - मोसभा ३ . - वि . जुळा ; जावळा ; जोडीपैकीं एक . [ सं . ]
yamala n S A pair, a brace, a couple.
yamala a S Twin, one of twins.
यमल [yamala] a.  a. Twin, one of a couple.
-लः   The number 'two'.
-लौ   (dual) A pair.
-लम्, -ली   -लम्,
-ली   A pair, couple.-ला A kind of hiccough. A dress consisting of two pieces. -Comp.
-अर्जुनौ   two Arjuna trees (uprooted by Kṛiṣṇa in childhood); [Bhāg.1.1.23-24.]
-छदः   Bauhinia Variegata (Mar. कांचन-आपटा).
-पत्रः  N. N. of two trees (कोविदार and अश्मन्तक).
-पत्रम्   The treaty of alliance.
यमल  mfn. amf()n. twin, paired, doubled, [Suśr.]
यमल  m. m. a singer in a duet, [Saṃgīt.]
N. of the number ‘two’ [Sūryas.]
du. twins, a pair, couple, brace, [MBh.]; [Kāv.] &c.
यमल  n. n. a pair, [L.]
यमल   b See p. 846, col. 3.

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