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यमुना - yamunā

See also:  YAMUNĀ

 f  The Jumna river.
n.  यमी वैवस्वती का नामान्तर ।
गंगेला मिळणार्‍या एका मोठ्या नदीचें नांव .
यमाची बहीण . [ सं . ] यमुनेचा खडा , यमुनी - पुस्त्री . यमुना नदींत सांपडणारा एक प्रकारचा काळा खडा . हा अंगठींत बसवून त्यावर सोनेरी अक्षरें कोरतात
The Yamuná or Jumna river.
यमुना [yamunā]   1 N. of a celebrated river (regarded as a sister of Yama).
 N. N. of Durgā. -Comp.
-पतिः  N. N. of Viṣṇu.
-भिद्  m. m. N. of Balarāma.
-भ्रातृ  m. m. Yama, the god of death.
यमुना  f. f.N. of a river commonly called the Jumnā (in, [Hariv.] and, [MārkP.] identified with यमीq.v.; it rises in the हिमालय mountains among the Jumnotri peaks at an elevation of 10,849 feet, and flows for 860 miles before it joins the Ganges at Allahabad, its water being there clear as crystal, while that of the Ganges is yellowish; the confluence of the two with the river सरस्वती, supposed to join them underground, is called त्रि-वेणीq.v.), [RV.] &c. &c.
of a daughter of the मुनिमतंग, [Kathās.]
of a cow, KātyŚr. Sch.

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