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A Sanskrit English Dictionary | sa  en |   | 
रूप  f. n. (perhaps connected with वर्प, वर्पस्; ifc.f.(), rarely ()) any outward appearance or phenomenon or colour (often pl.), form, shape, figure, [RV.] &c. &c. (रूपेणifc. in the form of ; रूपम्-√ कृ or √ भू, to assume a form; often ifc. = ‘having the form or appearance or colour of’, ‘formed or composed of’, ‘consisting of’, ‘like to’; sometimes used after an adj. or p.p. to emphasize its meaning or almost redundantly cf.घोर-र्°; or connected with a verb e.g.पचति-रूपम्, he cooks very well cf.[Pāṇ. 8-1, 57])
dreamy or phantom shapes (pl.), [VS.]; [ŚBr.]
handsome form, loveliness, grace, beauty, splendour, [RV.] &c. &c.
nature, character, peculiarity, feature, mark, sign, symptom, [VS.] &c. &c.
likeness, image, reflection, [Mn.]; [Kathās.]
circumstances (opp. to ‘time’ and ‘place’), [Mn. viii, 45]
sort, kind, [R.]; [Suśr.]
mode, manner, way, [Kap.]
(ifc.) trace of [R.]
a single specimen or exemplar (and therefore a term for the number ‘one’), [VarBṛS.]; [Gaṇit.]
a partic. coin (prob. a rupee), [VarBṛS.]
a show, play, drama, [Daśar.]
(in alg.) the arithmetical unit
(pl.) integer number
रू   known or absolute number, a known quantity as having specific form (and expressed by i.e. first syllable of रूप), [IW. 182]
(in gram.) any form of a noun or verb (as inflected by declension or conjugation), [Pāṇ. 1-1, 68 &c.]
(in phil.) the quality of colour (one of the 17 or 24 गुणs of the वैशेषिकs), [IW. 68]
(with Buddhists) material form i.e. the organized body (as one of the 5 constituent elements or स्कन्धस्), [Dharmas. 22]; [MWB. 109]
गर्भे   (in dram.) a reflection or remark made under partic. circumstances when the action is at its height (), [Bhar.]; [Daśar.] &c.
(only [L.]) cattle
a beast
a sound, word
ग्रन्थावृत्ति   rereading a book (= )
रूप  m. m. a word of unknown meaning, [AV. xviii, 3, 40]
(pl.) N. of a people, [MBh.]
रूप  n. m. or n.N. of a place (v.l.रूम), [Cat.]

रूप [rūpa] a.  a. = अनुरूप q. v. (शक्तीश्च ... करवालांश्च ... स्वदेहरूपाण्या- दाय गदाश्चोग्रप्रदर्शनाः [Mb.1.3.49.]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
रूप  mfn.  (-पः-पा-पं) Like, resembling, (in composition, as पितृरूपः पुत्त्रः a son like his father.)
 n.  (-पं)
1. Natural property or disposition, nature.
2. Beauty.
3. Form, figure.
4. Appearance, semblance.
5. Cattle in general, flocks and herds, &c.
6. A verse.
7. Declension, conjugation, the inflection of nouns or verbs.
8. A play, a drama- tic poem.
9. Acquiring familiarity with any book or authority by frequent perusal, learning by heart or rote.
10. An image, a fi- gure, a reflection or resemblance of any real object.
11. Colour, form, any object of vision.
12. (In arithmetic,) Discrete or distinct [Page608-a+ 60] quantity, an entire number.
13. Known quantity, whence the first syllable Rū is used in algebra to express the same.
E. रूप् to ex- press form, aff. क; or रु to sound, Unādi aff. प, and the radical vowel made long.
See also: रूप् - क; - रु -

ना.  देहेरा , छबी , तोंडवळा , मुखवटा , मुद्रा ;
ना.  तेज , देखणेपणा , लावण्य , शोभा , सौंदर्य ;
ना.  आकृती , आकार , बाह्मस्वरूप ;
ना.  घाट , जडणघडण .

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
form, aspect, complexion, or quality. Applied freely. Ex. कां इक्षुदंड गाळितां साचार ॥ तयासी सायास लागति फार ॥ सेवटीं रूपास येतां साखर ॥ चवी खाणार जाणति ॥.

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
  External appearance; form; countenance. Beauty. Nature. Mood.
रूप पालटणें   Change form or figure.
रूपास येणें   Assume an appearance or a character.

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