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वी   1.cl. 2. P. ([Dhātup. xxiv, 39]) वेति (accord. to some in the conjug. tenses substituted for √ अज्; 2. sg.वे॑षि also as Impv.[RV.]; 3. pl.व्य॑न्ति, [RV.]; [AV.]; [Br.]; Subj. 2. 3. sg.वेस्, [RV.]; Impv.वीहि॑, वीतात्, ib.; 3. pl.वियन्तु, [TS.]; p.Ā.व्यान॑, [RV.]; pf.विवाय, विव्ये, ib.; aor.अवैषीत्Gr.; 3. pl.अवेषन्Subj.वेषत्, [RV.]; fut.वेता, वेष्यतिinf.वेतुम्Gr.),
to go, approach, (either as a friend i.e. ‘seek or take eagerly, grasp, seize, accept, enjoy’, or as an enemy i.e. ‘fall upon, attack, assail, visit, punish, avenge’), [RV.]; [AV.]; [TS.]; [Br.];
to set in motion, arouse, excite, impel, [RV.];
to further, promote, lead or bring or help any one to (two acc.), ib.;
to get, procure, ib. :
Pass.-वीय॑ते &c., [AV.]; [Br.] :
Caus.वाययति or वापयति (aor.अवीवयत्), to cause to go or approach &c.;
to impregnate, [Pāṇ. 6-1, 55] :
Intens., See आ-√ वी and √ वेवी.
वी   [cf.accord. to some, Lat.ve-nari; Germ.weida, Weide, weiden.]
वी  mfn. 2.mfn. going to, eager for, desirous or fond of (gen.), [RV. i, 143, 5] (cf.देव-वी॑, पद-वी॑)
पर्ण-व्°   set in motion (See )

वी  m. m. the act of going, motion, [L.]
वी   3. (वि- 5√ इ) P.व्य्-एति (3. pl.वियन्ति; impf.व्य्-ऐत्; pf.वी-याय; inf.व्य्-एतुम्; for व्ययति, व्यययति See √ व्यय्),
to go apart or in different directions, diverge, be diffused or scattered or distributed or divided or extended, [RV.] &c. &c. ;
to be lost, perish, disappear, [Up.]; [MBh.] &c.;
to go through, traverse, [RV.]; [VS.]; [AitBr.] :
Intens. (or cl. 4. Ā.) वी-यते, to pass through, traverse, [RV.]
वी  mfn. 4.mfn. (weak form of √ व्ये) covered (cf.हिरण्य-वी॑).
वी  m. 5.m. = वि1, a bird (See तक्व-वी॑)
वी  f. f. a female bird, [L.]
वी   6. in comp.= 3. वि (in वी-काश, -चयन, -तंस, -नाह, -बर्ह, -मार्ग, -रुध्, -वध, -वाह, -विध, -वृत, -सर्प, -हार, q.v.)
वी [vī]   I. 2 P. (वेति, rarely used in classical literature)
To go, move.
To approach.
To pervade.
To bring, convey.
To throw, cast.
To eat, consume.
To obtain.
To conceive, bring forth.
To be born or produced.
To shine, be beautiful.
To desire, wish.
To shine. -II. (वि + इ) 2 [P.]
To go away, depart; तस्यामहं त्वयि च संप्रति वीतचिन्तः [Ś.4.13;] so वीतभय, वीतक्रोध, etc.
To undergo a change; सदृशंत्रिषु लिङ्गेषु यन्न व्योति तदव्ययम् [Sk.]
To spend.
To be diffused, to spread.
To vanish, disappear.
To cross over, traverse.
वीः [vīḥ]   1 Act of going, motion.
A female bird.
 पु. स्त्री . १ गमन . २ पक्षी . - हंको . [ सं . वीक ]
विणें , प्रसवणे या क्रियापदाचें रूप . खरा जनक तूं जना इतर कोण हो देव वी । - केका ४ . २६ . ९३ . नवी रीति प्रेमा विटवुनि दयासागर नवी । - मोरामायणें १ . ४०६ . [ विणें ]

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