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See also:  ṢA (श)

The thirty-first consonant.
देवनागरी लिपींतील ३१ वे व्यंजन ; याच्या अवस्था पुढीलप्रमाणें :- पहिली ख्रि . पू . २ रें शतक घोसुंडी शिलालेख , दुसरी इ . स . दुसरें शतक मथुरा , सारनाथ इ० लेख , तिसरी इ . स . ६ वें शतक , मंदसोर लेख , चवथी तोरमाण लेख .

ṣ The thirty-first consonant, and the second of the three sibilants. The sound is that of Sh but fuller or more prolonged. It must be acquired by the ear.
ष [ṣ] a.  a. Best, excellent.
Wise, learned.
षः Loss, destruction.
Rest, remainder.
Final emancipation.
Loss of knowledge.
A learned man.
A teat or nipple.
Delivery (गर्भविमोचन). ˚रथः an epithet of Brahman.
-पर्णाशः   white basil.-पाटला the white trumpetflower.
-पिङ्गः   a lion.
पिङ्गलः a lion.
an elephant of Śiva.
-भानुः   the moon.
-भिक्षुः   a kind of white-robed mendicant; श्वेत- भिक्षुस्तपस्विनाम् (धूर्तः) [Pt.3.76.]
-मरिचम्   white pepper.
मालः a cloud.
-रक्त a.  a. pale-red, rosy. (-क्तः) the pink or rosy colour.
-रञ्जनम्   lead.
-रथः   the planet Venus.
-रसः   butter-milk and water mixed in equal parts.
-रोचिस्  m. m. the moon.
-रोहितः   an epithet of Garuḍa.
-वल्कलः   the glomerous fig-tree.-वाजिन् m.
an epithet of Arjuna.
वाराहः a particular Kalpa.
the first day in the month of Brahmā.
-वासस्  m. m. an ascetic wearing white garments.
-वाह्  m. m. an epithet of Indra.
वाहः an epithet of Arjuna.
of Indra.
वाहनः an epithet of Arjuna.
a marine monster (मकर).
-वाहिन्  m. m. an epithet of Arjuna.-शुङ्गः,
-शृङ्गः   barley.
हयः a horse of Indra.
 N. N. of Indra.
-हस्तिन्  m. m. Airāvata, Indra's elephant.
ष   1. the second of the three sibilants (it belongs to the cerebral class, and is sometimes substituted for स्, and more rarely for श्, and occasionally interchangeable with ख्; in sound it corresponds to sh in the English word shun; many roots which begin with स् are written in the धातु-पाठ with ष्, prob. to show that their initial स् is liable to be cerebralized after certain prepositions).
ष  mfn. 2.mfn. (only [L.]; for 3. See below) best, excellent
wise, learned
ष  m. m. loss, destruction
loss of knowledge
end, term
rest, remainder
eternal happiness, final emancipation
heaven, paradise
a learned man, teacher
a nipple
कच   =
ष  n. n. the embryo
(accord. to some) patience, endurance.
ष  mfn. 3.mfn. = षष्ifc. (in पञ्च-षq.v.)

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