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संस्कृत - saṃskṛta

  Wrought. Decorated; purified.
  The Sanskrit language.
That has been the subject of a Sanskár or of an operation or a work; wrought, worked, elaborated. 2 Hence s n & a Language formed by perfect grammatical rules; the classical and sacred language of the Hindús,--the Sanskrit: also relating to Sanskrit;--as a word, a composition &c. 3 p Decorated or embellished; dressed or cooked; cleansed, purified, finished, perfected; done or made in general throughly or well.
संस्कृत [saṃskṛta] p.p. p.  p. p.
Made perfect, refined, polished, cultivated.
Artificially made, highly wrought, carefully or accurately formed, elaborated.
Made ready, dressed, prepared; cooked.
Consecrated, hallowed; संस्कृतश्चापि रामेण जगाम गतिमुत्तमाम् [Rām.4.57.11.]
Initiated into worldly life, married.
Cleansed, purified.
Adorned, decorated.
Excellent, best.
तः A word formed regularly according to the rules of grammar, a regular derivative.
A man of any one of the first three castes over whom all the purificatory rites have been performed.
A learned man.
तम् Refined or highly polished speech, the Sanskṛit language; संस्कृतं नाम दैवी वागन्वाख्याता महर्षिभिः [Kāv.1.] 33.
A sacred usage.
An offering, oblation (mostly Vedic).
Comp. आत्मन् one who has received purificatory rites; याजनाध्यापने नित्यं क्रियेते संस्कृतात्मनाम् [Ms. 1.11.]
a sage.
-उक्तिः  f. f.
a polished word or language.
a Sanskṛit word or expression.
सं-स्कृत  mfn. mfn. (or सं॑-स्कृत) put together, constructed, well or completely formed, perfected, [Lalit.]

made ready, prepared, completed, finished, [RV.] &c. &c.
dressed, cooked (as food), [MBh.]; [R.]; [BhP.]
purified, consecrated, sanctified, hallowed, initiated, [ŚBr.] &c. &c.
refined, adorned, ornamented, polished, highly elaborated (esp. applied to highly wrought speech, such as the Sanskṛt language as opp. to the vernaculars), [Mn.]; [MBh.] &c.
सं-स्कृत  m. m. a man of one of the three classes who has been sanctified by the purificatory rites, [W.]

a learned man, [MW.]
a word formed according to accurate rules, a regular derivation, ib.
सं-स्कृत  n. n. making ready, preparation or a prepared place, sacrifice, [RV.]; [TS.]; [ŚBr.]; [GṛŚrS.]

a sacred usage or custom, [MW.]
the Sanskṛt language (cf. above), [Śikṣ.]; [Bhar.]; [Daśar.] &c.
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