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A particle and prefix answering to Good, well, or to the Greek Eu, and implying I. Goodness, excellence: II. Excess, superlativeness, intenseness: III. Increase, advancement. Ex. सुपुत्र A good son; सुशील Good disposition; सुदूर Very distant; सुदुर्लभ Very scarce or rare; सुदुश्चर, सुदुस्तर, सुदुःसह, सुदृढ &c.
अव्यय . चांगला बरा , उत्तम याअर्थी नामदिकांच्या मागें लागणारें अव्यय . जसें - सुपुत्र , सुदृढ . [ सं . ]
ind   A particle and prefix answering to Good, well; excess; increase.

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