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होतृ - hōtṛ

See also:  होता

 पु. १ यज्ञ करणारा ; यज्ञांत आहुती देणारा . ऐसा मानुनी पळता झाला होतृसमूह . २ एक ऋत्विज . [ सं . ]
होतृ [hōtṛ] a.  a. (-त्री f.) [हु-तृच्] Sacrificing, offering oblations with fire; बहति विधिहुतं या हविर्या च होत्री [Ś.1.1.] -m.
A sacrificial priest, especially one who recites the prayers of the Ṛigveda at a sacrifice; जनकस्य वैदेहस्य होताश्वलो बभूव.
A sacrificer; इति वादिन एवास्य होतुराहुतिसाधनम् [R. 1.82;] [Ms.11.36.]
An epithet of Agni. -Comp.
-कर्मन् a.  a. the function of the होतृ.
-प्रवरः   the election of a होतृ.
-ष(स)दनम्   the होतृ's seat; होतृषदनाद्धैवापि दुरुद्गीथमनुसमाहरति [Ch. Up.1.5.5.]
होतृ   a &c. See p. 1306, col. 1.
होतृ  m. bm. (fr.1.हु) an offerer of an oblation or burnt-offering (with fire), sacrificer, priest, (esp.) a priest who at a sacrifice invokes the gods or recites the ऋग्-वेद, a ऋग्-वेदpr° (one of the 4 kinds of officiating priest See ऋत्विज्, p.224; properly the होतृ priest has 3 assistants, sometimes called पुरुषs, viz. the मैत्रा-वरुण, अच्छा-वाक, and ग्रावस्तुत्; to these are sometimes added three others, the ब्राह्मणाच्छंसिन्, अग्नीध्र or अग्नीध्, and पोतृ, though these last are properly assigned to the Brāhman priest; sometimes the नेष्टृ is substituted for the ग्राव-स्तुत्), [RV.] &c. &c.
N. of शिव, [MBh.]
होतृ  mfn. mf(त्री)n. one who sacrifices (gen. or comp.), sacrificer, [Mn.]; [MBh. &c.]

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