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ṚJRAŚVA - ऋज्रश्व

A muni (sage) celebrated in the Ṛgveda. Some details.
(1) Ṛjrāśva was made blind by his father [Ṛgveda, 1st Maṇḍala, 16th Anuvāka, 112th Sūkta]
(2) Ṛjrāśva was the son of the royal sage, Vṛṣāgīr. Once the donkey which is the vehicle of the Aśvinīdevas assumed the shape of a she-wolf and went to Ṛjrāśva. Ṛjrāsva gave it 100 sheep belonging to the people of the country and cut them to pieces and offered the same as food to the she-wolf. This plunder of the people's wealth enraged Vṛṣāgīr. He cursed Ṛjrāśva and made him lose his eye-sight. Ṛjrāśva who thus became blind offered prayers to Agni, who restored his eyesight. [Ṛgveda, 1st Maṇḍala, 17th Anuvāka, 116th Sūkta].

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