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face right

 न. Surv. दक्षिणमुख

Related Words

face lathe   black face   face plate   expectant right   record of right   right section   right   right handed   right of possession   right of equality   statutory right   right of resale   right angled triangle   right of preemption   occupancy right   on the face of instrument   face left   face centred cubic lattice   laminated face   right and wrong test   subsisting right   right perspective   right of existence   tending to from right   right of self defence   right to a fishery   basic right   right reverse slip fault   right cone   right of faith and workship   right coset   right to personal liberty   enjoyment as of right   right elliptic cone   user as of right   accustomed user of right   right of life and property   right angled projection   right atrioventricular orifice   divine right of Kings   right to strike   right of entry   at right angle   right of the centre   conjugal right   right in personam   imperfect right   public right of way   right to affiliate   right of surety   absolute right   accessory right   accustomed user of right   across the face of   alteration of right   as a matter of right   as of right   assertion of right   at right angle   at right angles   bargaining right   basic right   birth right   black face   bold face   caducary right   change face   civic right   civil right   claim as of right   claim as right   claim of right   colour of right   common right   confer a right   conjugal right   constitutional right   contingent right   contractual right   Copy right   corporeal right   crystal face   customary right   cutting face   divine right   divine right of Kings   doubtful right   dual proprietary right   easement right   electoral right   enforce a right   enjoyment as of right   entitled as of right   exclusive right   exercise or enjoyment of right   existing right   exp0roprietary right   expectant right   exproprietary right   extinction of right   
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