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 पु. (a teacher) अध्यापक
 पु. निदेशक
 पु. मालक
 पु. नौकाधिपति
 पु. मास्तर
(to become the master of) मालक होणे
(to overcome, to overpower) मात करणे
(to become skilful in, to gain the command of) प्रभुत्व मिळवणे
हातखंडा असणे
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भूगोल  | Marathi | 
(as being the chief guiding or principal one) मुख्य (as in master clock मुख्य घड्याळ)
प्रधान (as in master joint प्रधान संधि, प्रधान सांधा)
(as controlling) नियंत्रक (as in master circuit नियंत्रक परिपथ)
सर्वस्पर्शी (as in master sample सर्वस्पर्शी प्रतिदर्श)
(as being a mechanical part ora device that establishes a dimension, weight or other standard) गुरु (as in master gauge गुरु प्रमापी)
 पु. (of a ship) नौकाधिपति
 पु. मालक
 पु. अध्यापक
 पु. शिक्षक
 पु. मास्तर
 पु. मार्गदर्शक (as in career master
व्यवसाय मार्गदर्शक
जीविका मार्गदर्शक)
अधिपति, गृहाधिपति, स्वामी
मुख्य (as in master gauge मुख्य प्रमापी)
प्रमाण (as in master flat प्रमाण तलपट)
गुरू (as in master switch गुरू स्विच)
मानक (as in master tool मानक हत्यार)

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