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NIRṚTI II - निरृति

See also:  NIRṚTI I

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Wife of the Deva called Adharma. She had three sons called Bhaya, Mahābhaya and Antaka. These Rākṣasas are known as Nairṛtas. [Ādi Parva, Chapter 66, Verse 54].
निर्-°ऋति  f. f. (नि॑र्-) dissolution, destruction, calamity, evil, adversity, [RV.] &c. &c. (personified as the goddess of death and corruption and often associated with मृत्यु, अ-राति &c., [RV.]; [AV.]; [VS.]; variously regarded as the wife of अ-धर्म, mother of भय, महा-भय and मृत्यु [[MBh.]] or as a daughter of अ-धर्म and हिंसा and mother of नरक and भय [[MārkP.]]; binds mortals with her cords, [AV.]; [Br.] &c.; is regent of the south [[AV.]] and of the asterism मूल [[Var.]])

the bottom or lower depths of the earth (as the seat of putrefaction), [AV.]; [VS.]; [ŚBr.]
निर्-°ऋति  m. m. death or the genius of death, [BhP.]

N. of a रुद्र, [MBh.]; [Hariv.]; [Pur.]
नि-कृति   of one of the 8 वसुs, [Hariv.] (v.l.)
See also: नि - कृति

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