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UPAMANYU II - उपमन्यु


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In the Kṛtayuga, there lived a hermit named Vyāghrapāda who had two sons. They were called Upamanyu and Dhaumya. Some learned men are of opinion that Upamanyu the son of Vyāghrapāda and Upamanyu the disciple of Ayodhadhaumya, were one and the same. Once Upamanyu visited another hermitage along with his father. He happened to drink the milk of the cow there. After that they returned to their own hermitage, Upamanyu went to his mother and asked her to make milk pudding for him. But the mother felt very sorry because there was no milk. At last she mixed flour in water and made pudding and gave it to him. Upamanyu did not accept it. His mother told him that there was no way to get milk and that men could get wealth, crops etc. only by the grace of Śiva. Upamanyu who was of a wilful nature did penance with meditation and contemplation on Śiva. Finally Śiva appeared before him in the shape of Indra and told him to ask for his boon. Upamanyu boldly replied that he wanted no boon from anybody else except Śiva. Śiva made his appearance in his own form and made Upamanyu a deva (God). Upamanyu said all these things when he talked with Śrī Kṛṣṇa. [M.B. Anuśāsana Parva, Chapter 14]. In the Book “Our hermits,” written by Rāmasvāmi Śāstrī in Tamil, it is mentioned that Upamanyu had written a book “Śiva bhaktavilāsa” in which biographies of devotees of Śiva of great attainments are given.
उप-मन्यु  mfn. mfn. striving after, zealous ([[BRD.]]), [RV. i, 102, 9]

(knowing, understanding, intelligent, [Sāy.])
उप-मन्यु  m. m.N. of a ऋषि (pupil of आयोद-धौम्य, who aided शिव in the propagation of his doctrine and received the ocean of milk from him), [MBh.]; [LiṅgaP.]; [Kathās.] &c.

उप-मन्यु  m. m. pl. (अवस्) the descendants of the above, [ĀśvŚr.] (cf.औपमन्यव.)

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