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YAJÑADATTA II - यज्ञदत्त

See also:  YAJÑADATTA I , YAJÑADATTA III , यज्ञदत्त , यज्ञदत्त II. , यज्ञदत्त III. , यज्ञदत्त IV.
A Brāhmaṇa. There was a Brāhmaṇa village called Mahat at the foot of the Yāmuna mountain, between the rivers Gaṅgā and Yamunā. This Brāhmaṇa was born and brought up here. There is a story in [Padma Purāṇa, Chapter 92], about him, which says that by mistake he was taken to hell by Kāla's messenger and that he was reluctant to leave hell. The story is as follows:-- Once Yama (Kāla) ordered his agent to bring the Brāhmaṇa named Yajñadatta, who lived in Mahat village, born in Vasiṣṭha gotra and was gentle, scholarly and well-versed in Yajña practices. He was specially warned that he should not make a mistake as there was another Brāhmaṇa with the same name who lived in the neighbourhood and who resembled Yajñadatta in appearance, learning and in every other respect. But in spite of Yama's specific warning, his agent brought the wrong person. Yama, with his sense of justice, received him with due respect and allowed him to return to the world. But Yajñadatta was not willing to return to the world.

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